3 thoughts on “Stuttgart-Süd 2013 Pt. II

  1. Haha, so you didn’t like the 30-70 lens? Why not try the 24-70? 😉 So this time the people weren’t that friendly!

    Any idea why?

    I remember five years ago, working for a client. And the people were very rude to me. Four years later I went there again, and now the same people were kind to me. I wondered “Why were the rude before, and nice today?”. And I realised that Five years ago, I was a little insecure, as I just started my job. Now, I am an experienced consultant and people respect my confidence and knowledge.

    Your own mood or behaviour can reflect on other people!

    I am not saying that this was the case here, but it made me think of it 😉


    1. Hi Tieme – just a few weeks ago I was considering a 24-70 mm lens, but… my budget said “no!” and as long as I’m not really sure if I really need one I’m going to wait and see if I feel restricted by my other lenses first.

      Re: people’s and own behaviour – yes, you’re absolutely right there, your own mood is always a factor that reflects on others; in this case, though, they were just plain rude 😀

      1. I just bought a carbon Gitzo tripod and want to buy the 70-200 2.8 lens, but my wallet is screaming in agony. Terrifying sound…

        Haha, yeah. As an actor of “The IT Crowd” said: “People, what a bunch of basters” 🙂

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