10 thoughts on “England 2015

  1. Sounds, and looks, like a very nice getaway. I recently read a book about that Lyme Regis area, too–Remarkable Creatures. It makes me want to visit there! Did you see fossils in the stones at the beach?

    1. I didn’t see fossils at the beach, but there was a huge tent right at the beach that held a fossil exhibition inside that I walked through. They had lots of scientific info as well as stuff for kids to learn about fossils inside.

  2. Oh wow! Lovely collection! I too am just back from a weeks trip to England and Wales 😀 I too didn’t feel like taking so many photos even though a lugged my old camera around all the time. I did snag some photos with my phone and will try to put it together as a gallery 🙂

  3. oh Kiki you’ve captured the essence of your diverse English spots with an eye for the right angle and interest of detail – also you seem to have done something intriguing with the colour
    p.s. I do so regret our missing one another – next time we will just arrange to meet at a given spot and turn up without reliance on mobiles or email 😉

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! As for a next meeting – I hope there’ll be one 🙂 I’ve already said that I really should have one whole day to spend in every borough of London, otherwise I’ll never get to see much!

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