6 thoughts on “2015 December In Pictures

  1. I somehow knew you were going to do 2015 in pictures, as you have done quite some “month in a picture” blogs 🙂 And as usual I am saying that I like your idea and consider “stealing” it, but than never do 😉

    Some fine pictures!

    Hope 2016 is a great year for you (and I hope that after 2016 many more great years will come). Stay save, follow your dreams and be aware not to follow the dreams of others too much!

    Warm regards and all the best Kiki!


    1. Thank you, Tieme! You’re too kind, as usual 🙂
      Although this post is actually December in pictures. I was considering doing the year in pictures with my favourites of each month but then decided against it. Everyone’s seen those pics already, so I’d rather come up with something new. I have no idea, though, what this “something new” is going to be… These past few days I’ve had this urge to “rethink, redo & reinvent” all my blogging stuff, but I don’t know in which way, so we’ll see 🙂

      1. Hi Kiki! Nope, not too kind, just fair 🙂 Ah, so a new year, and a new Kiki? Or is your urge for innovation not that bad? 😉

        But I know what you mean. Rethinking what you are doing is great. But in the end, I think, your style remains your style, even if you try to reshape it.

        I am looking forward to the things you are going to do and post!

        Have a happy Monday!


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