9 thoughts on “2016 January In Pictures

    1. Thank you very much, Kerry! The bottom corner pic is of the leaf of a very large succulent (that lives in one of the greenhouses of our botanical gardens). Don’t know whether you clicked on the pic but it’s more recognisable that way.

  1. Nice pictures! I see you are a big fan of the pineapple plant too. 🙂

    I am looking forward to the changes you are considering for your blog!

    My January is long forgotten.. Had a week off, but work couldn’t possibly be more mentally exhausting.

    Warm regards,

    1. Thanks, Tieme! Yes, I’m looking forward to the changes, too – if only I had any ideas!! Oh well, don’t need to do everything right away…
      To me, too, January is long forgotten, and soon February will have passed, too – guess it’s an age thing, the older you get the more time seems to fly 😀
      I hope you’ll get more time off and/or relaxation time!!

      1. Small steps will bring you to your destination too 🙂 I am sure you will think off something!

        Yeah age, that is a pretty little thing right? 😉

        I hope so too! Can’t even find the energy for a quick snap with my camera right now, so that should be fixed asap!


      2. Definitely small steps. I still haven’t gone outside with the camera much this month, so I’ll have to do that on the weekend in order to get my “months in pics” together for next week!

      3. Good to know that “month in pics” is not changing 🙂 I like the concept, and your pictures.

        Getting outside with this weather isn’t tempting at all 😉


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