9 thoughts on “2016 {Half Of} November In Pictures

  1. Quality is as important as quantity and your photos are beautiful! I’m sorry for all the heartache that blog theft is giving you–I hope your vacation is delightful.

    1. Thank you very much, Kerry! I’m looking forward to my vacation, although experience has taught me not to brag here that I’ll be bringing back tons of pics 😀

  2. how did I miss this post? despite the lack of enthusiasm which I fully empathise with for all your reasons, you’ve garnered a very good array for November. Trialling a number of techniques has evidently worked – the limes are sensational and the runny egg gorgeously gooey. p.s subject matter is out there – we just have to get out there too! p.p.s. thank you for being such a great photoshoot companion – wish you lived in London!

    1. Thank you, Laura! And absolutely likewise re: great photo shoot companion! I was actually thinking on my flight back about it being just 1.5 hours travel time between us – that sounds so close and yet it’s too far away to meet on a regular basis. I hope we will meet again, though! Hope your photographic yield from our excursion was as plentiful as mine. PS: It’s 1.5 hrs to Stuttgart, too, so you might as well plan a trip 😉

      1. looking forward to seeing your photos Kiki – have a few good shots Kiki mostly as the day progressed into night to be posted all this week P.S. in thunder, lightning or in rain we two will meet again

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