3 thoughts on “2017 April In Pictures

  1. especially love 2nd one of this april collection. You have a great eye for negative space! am sure readers will want to know more about how you do your DIY photography backgrounds/surfaces…
    p.s. thank for being my photoshoot companion – took a lot of duds that day and sifting out better ones now

    1. Thank you, Laura! I took a lot of pointless ones, too! Just as we’d been discussing, I sifted through the pics and with many of them I thought “WHY!?”

      Ha – after your comment I looked at the collection again; I was surprised to find quite a few using negative space, I hadn’t even been aware of that…

      It was a great pleasure seeing you again! Third time’s the charm, though, isn’t it 😉 – so I hope we’ll meet again before your move!

      1. Well at least our day was not pointless ❤ look forward to next time and seeing which of your photos that passed the pointless test!
        Ps instagram is likely to be the negative spacer

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