4 thoughts on “2017 May In Pictures

  1. I always like your photos of what you call “mundane details.” It’s true that I wouldn’t know that these are photos from London but I can see standard tourist shots of London anywhere!

    1. Thank you, Kerry! Just to be clear, the “mundane details” is not something I deem negative, it’s just so people who expect to find pictures of the typical sights know what they’re in for 😀 .

  2. I recognise some of these sights and am so glad that May was not a complete washout 😉 Especially impressive is that top image- it has so much movement – seems to spin. Hope June brings some sunshine!

    1. Thanks, Laura – that top one is one of my favourites, it’s the steps down to Earl’s Court station, where everyone else used the elevator so I had these to myself. Just wish I’d bothered to take out the DSLR because I only took this square format one with the phone…
      Hope June sends some sunshine your way as well!

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