5 thoughts on “2017 September In Pictures

    1. Thank you very much, Kerry! I took out my new tele lens this month, have to get used to it being different, so it required trying out other angles and perspectives than my usual 50mm lens.

  1. Always good to catch up with your news whilst you show us how September caught your eye. Have commented on the individual pics – I try not to linger on your mouth-watering food shots as am trying to shed some lbs/kilos before Christmas. Usually being in hot water means trouble – not the other way round 😉
    p.s. you seem to have the hang of your new lens now –

    1. I’ve seen your (lovely, as usual!) individual comments, thank you very much, Laura! As for the tele lens, I’m getting better at it but still have to figure out some details. Incidentally, even though I have the “show camera info” still switched on in my WP settings, they don’t show in the September post underneath the pics, weird.

      I share your goal of shedding pounds before Christmas… but as far as food goes, I more often than not am in hot water 😀 😀 😀

  2. thought it might be a WordPress change for the worse but tested out a gallery of mine and it shows the exif data so maybe you need to uncheck/update & then re-check the box – (computers seems to respond to ocd type behaviours from us) – have a good weekend

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