8 thoughts on “2017 November In Pictures

  1. I’m reading this on my phone and the first picture looks good, only the thumbnail is blurred but once I click on it – the image opens and it’s sharp.
    I like the mix between detail shots and cityscapes. And it’s nice to see the color version of the B&W photo you posted on IG.
    I hope you’re feeling better now and that your body will let you enjoy the holidays!

    1. Thanks, Ines! For me, even when I open the gallery on my phone the jump & blur happens… really weird.
      With the HH pics it was really difficult to decide between colour and b&w, I liked both. Might do a post with b&w shots from HH.

  2. Hello Kiki. First, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for reading and commenting on the articles. Now, about your photos: I love the colors and the details that you capture. My favorites are the one with the coat hooks (I’m not sure this is the correct name) and the one with the purple flower. I find it interesting that you take a lot of vertical shots, which is something I rarely do. Keep up the great work and I hope you’re feeling better by now!

    1. Thank you for checking out this site, and thanks re: photos! Yes, they’re indeed called coat hooks, and I really like that one, too.
      As for the vertical shots/portrait format – I used to shoot in horizontal/landscape format for a very long time; I also have a food blog, and it turns out that for food photography portrait format is better suited, especially when viewed on small screens. Then I noticed I took almost only shots in portrait format, so I’m trying to get a good balance of portrait landscape each month; it looks like I took more portrait, though, in November. Thanks for pointing it out, I hadn’t really noticed.

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