5 thoughts on “2018 May In Pictures

  1. the backgrounds make all the difference 🙂 you have been busy in May with interiors and created as usual some delicious and professional looking shots. I see you in transition – ultimately I think we have to focus on subject matter and not just on subject. I am still in random mode!
    p.s. have commented separately on one or two of these

    1. Thank you, Laura! You’re very generous with praise!!
      I had to look up the difference between subject and subject matter – and the internet seems to be confused about it… I hope I’m interpreting its meaning correctly.

      1. I use language rather solipsistically sometimes – I suppose I mean that as photographers we eventually we find a subject that matters most to us and is not just any old subject for the camera (I try not to think of it as object as it creates too much distance beyond eye and lens!)

    1. Thank you, Kerry! I had to go back to take another look because I hadn’t even noticedthe repeating circular shapes – thanks for pointing that out!

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