4 thoughts on “2018 August In Pictures

  1. I put my comments to the individual images when I scrolled through but its good to stand back as it were and view the gallery pics as a whole. just to say how good to see your new blog up and running – spacious and clean – I also like how the footer appears at a +click

    1. Thanks very much Laura. I was actually wondering whether anyone clicked on the + at all, so glad you found it 🙂
      I’m quite happy myself how this blog turned out and how it looks, can’t believe quite yet it’s mine!

  2. It’s interesting to me how these photos reflect the passage of the seasons–these are a little darker, the subject matter reflects the end of summer . . . fascinating!

    1. Thank you, Kerry, and thanks also for moving to this new blog with me!
      As for the darker pictures, I was trying – both in food and in everyday photography – to reflect summer in my pictures and use e.g. light backgrounds. It didn’t work, I was somehow mightily drawn to the dark side 🙂

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