2 thoughts on “2018 {Two Thirds Of} November In Pictures

  1. I have a tendency to think ‘what is this’ with some of your more intriguing shots but then I remember that a photo is worth a lot of words so then I just look and look through the gallery. I am trying to imagine the other third!
    p.s. am a sucker for green and white so love the mint tea shot and the last icy cake ‘what is it’ – the pink salt scrubs look so inviting. With these and the cookery images, you have been busy.

    1. Hi Laura, not sure everyone who visits these monthly reviews actually clicks on a pic to open the gallery; I know you’ve been browsing the actual gallery these past years, and I appreciate that!
      I guess some people look at the display as is and only click in when – like you – they wonder “what is this” because it’s not fully recognisable in the square version.
      Even I can’t try to imagine the other third 😀 – I realised with horror yesterday that it was the last day of the month, but if you’re on sick leave a whole week that always takes away so much photography time. I tried to make up for it yesterday, but of course that wasnt’ possible. Then again, I thought, in review a short version (when I look back at this post in a year or so) will tell its own story – that it was a busy month without much photo opportunity. I’ll be making up for that in December, hopefully 🙂 .
      The icy cake thing is a piece of last week’s bouquet frozen in water in a little mould, solely for photography purposes. And the salt scrubs are actually a Xmassy peppermint sugar scrub.

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