10 thoughts on “2019 January In Pictures

    1. Thank you! I’ve been doing this monthly roundup since 2013. I started it on my first photo blog and brought those pics and the category over to this one because I love doing this review. Even though I struggle some months to create sufficient pics 🙂

  1. Nib and nibbles and all the little details you have such a great eye for – [belated comment Kiki – I thought I had already done so]
    p.s. I bought a quince and failed to use it before it withered so I gave it to the birds – even they struggled to break through the flesh. How did you use yours? If nothing else it make a perfect still life!

    1. Thank you! Quince are terrible to process – that hard skin is a bugger to get off the fruit. I made jam from mine, very simple just the pureed fruit and sugar, plus a little tipple 🙂 – I cooked it with some Lillet, and it turned out quite nice. Don’t think I’d go to the trouble of using quince again, though.

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