Digital Goes Painting {A Collaboration Project}

Words Required

A new category on the blog, one that will show pictures that require a little explanation.

The first contribution to this category will be a series from a collaboration project. I have a friend who paints, and she recently approached me asking if I’d be interested in an experimental project.

She wanted to translate some of my photos into paintings. “Great,” I thought, “because I won’t have to do anything but supply the photos.” Until she said she then wanted me to take pictures of our respective works, but in an “unusual way”.

I chose to ignore the latter part for the time being, because I haven’t laid eyes on the paintings yet except as digital files. My friend also has applied for exhibition space at her local town hall, and the plan is to exhibit our project there as well. Having said that, the next open slot is in June. 2021! Phew, a lot of time for me to come up with an unusual way of taking pictures of our combined works. I’ll have to think really hard as I still haven’t got a clue how to approach this part of the project.

To start off this collaboration, we agreed on me sending her my favourite pictures from this blog’s categories: Everyday Details, Food, Nature, Travel and People.

I will be posting each separately under this category, and if I ever get an idea for the last step I’ll update the posts.

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