Digital Goes Painting {Project I – Nature}

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This is the first take my friend did on our Digital Goes Painting project. She sent me pictures of the first steps of painting, and I was immediately in awe. Not having any painting talent myself, I wouldn’t know where and how to begin, so it was very interesting to see she had started out with the background – including the lighter bit that would make the water in the vase – and then the flower heads, without the stems.

Could you imagine something like that hanging side by side at a showing? I’d be interested to know.

4 thoughts on “Digital Goes Painting {Project I – Nature}

  1. one of the reasons your flower Friday images are so good is that you focus a lot on the backgrounds – so if not the skill, you already have the knack of the artist. The impressionism of the flowers works really well side by side to the crisp original –

    1. Thank you, Laura! I’ve decided to try my hand at (very, very basic) painting sometime soon. I can visualise doing it but of course that doesn’t mean it’ll turn out the way I see it in my head (the same way it usually doesn’t in photography)…

      1. cameras & eyes definitely do not visualise things in the same way! Be interested to see how the painter in you manifests.
        p.s. I went pottery painting today and it did not turn out how I anticipated – now await the firing results ;|

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