Digital Goes Painting {Project II – Travel}

Words Required

This photo is currently my favourite travel picture, taken on my trip to London in December 2018. I loved how the colours turned out, and again I couldn’t imagine what my painter friend would make of it. It looks like there are thousands of details, plus all the colour, but the painted version looks way simpler while still capturing the gist of the photography quite accurately.

4 thoughts on “Digital Goes Painting {Project II – Travel}

  1. this was a great photo (and day!) – the artwork is a very interesting interpretation – all the busyness gone and we see the abstraction of colours – very striking.
    p.s. somehow missed the first one – going to seek it out now

    1. It WAS a great day, I agree 🙂 . The colour combo in the painting is not really my thing, I had to try to block that out at first, but I too think it’s very striking.

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