Digital Goes Painting {Project III – Food}

Words Required

This is the third installment of our Digital Goes Painting project. The original photo of the cake and cookies was taken by me last year at a food photography workshop, and my friend’s painted interpretation focuses on the cake.

Not being a painter myself, the result is quite surprising, because in my head I saw a completely different painting, imagining a sea of white. Probably better that I stick with the camera 🙂 .

4 thoughts on “Digital Goes Painting {Project III – Food}

      1. Intentional Camera Movement – those blurry almost abstracts of trees, traffic, bokeh lights etc as opposed to just shaky captures! either pan the camera on largish aperture & slow shutter speeds or defocus or zoom lens in and out (density filters often necessary as too much light can gets in)
        – I did try it out here

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