3 thoughts on “2019 July In Pictures

  1. in the reader this only shows as the first image – its only because I’m familiar with your monthly round-up that I knew there had to be more. Besides I love browsing and seeing what you have put together – lots of foodie pics to tempt the palette but this time it was the monochrome dahlia that did it for me – the young parsnips too

    1. Oh that’s interesting about the reader view. It used to be that you could see several pictures – though not all – from a gallery post in the reader preview. I think a lot of people also don’t know that when you’re actually in the post you’re supposed to click on a pic to start the gallery (or maybe they don’t care, who knows…) to see the complete picture. On my old blog I used to put ‘click any pic to start gallery’ above it but didn’t want to do that here.

      Thank you for browsing, Laura, you know I always appreciate that! And yes, lots of food and plants, I actually felt terrible when I put this month’s review together because my feeling was I had taken a lot of pics in July but then it turned out it was mostly of plants… I didn’t want to skip the month, though, because as a friend reminded me these galleries are basically like a snapshot of my month (or like a journal), and that month just happened to be mainly snapshots of plants and my (or anyone’s) view is supposed to be non-judgemental. It’s just moments in time/of July.

      1. yes your monthly roundups are a photojournal and always good to look at whatever the subject
        [the reader has all sorts of glitches for me including very slow typing and so I tend to pay a visit]

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