Art Project Documentation No. 2

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Using the same canvas as for project no. 1 (with only a few pink paint splatters on it), we went straight on to project no. 2. For this one we had another friend pour the paint while I was up on the ladder again.

The first go was with three paint-filled squeezy bottles that were taped together, the second one was done with paint poured from a dustpan.

This was a more colourful project, no accessories required. The hand fan was purely for eye protection but did make for a good detail in the pictures.

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Art Project Documentation No. 1

Words Required

In 2019 I did my first project with my friend Natalie from Lap’Art, “Digital Goes Painting”. She recently got confirmation that she can hold an exhibition at the Magistrate’s Court building in Stuttgart in 2023.

I’m very excited for her about the exhibition and agreed to photographically document some of her art/painting processes.

This one was inspired by an Instagram post where the artist lay on a huge canvas and had her children pour paint over her. What was left on the canvas after she got up was her work of art. It looked like a lot of fun, so my friend decided to give it a go.

For this first part, a tutu and old ballet shoes where the accessories she decided to work with. Both might become works of art themselves once she has an idea how to artistically “enhance” them. Until then, they remain the stars of the photo session. For this first project Natalie poured the paint herself while I was up on a ladder clicking away.

The pictures might (or might not…) go up next to the art pieces at the exhibition.

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