5 thoughts on “USA 2015 36

    1. Thank you! Again, not on purpose – just as I was about to click, a car cross my view and parked to the right, relly close to the lighthouse, so I swore at the bugger and had to crop it. Again, I like how it turned out, but it wasn’t what I had intended.
      And maybe, just maybe, I should have just said THANK YOU to your comment and pretended that was exactly how I had intended it to be 😀

      1. That is what we in Dutch call “the secret of the blacksmith”. We do not know how she/he does it, but she/he makes beautiful artworks. This was supposed to be your little secret 😉 Anyway: kudos for your capability to adjust!

        Btw: love that you swore. Big fan of swearing :p


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