Hello and welcome to my photography blog. I’ve been photo blogging since 2012, which was the year I bought my first DSLR. After food blogging for two years, I started my first photo blog where the plan was to do themed posts. Later on I added a second photo blog where I mostly posted individual pictures simply because I liked them.

I had been contemplating merging the two blogs for a while to combine all my favourite types of photography – everyday details, nature, food, and travel – and in 2018 finally decided to create a completely new one instead that is more structured.

While I will be adding new work to this blog, I also wanted to bring over some of my favourite pictures from the old blogs, especially my travel pictures and my monthly picture reviews as these are like photo journals to me.

Just a note on the The Month In Pictures and Travel categories: the pics appear as squares but by clicking on any one of them, you can open the gallery and browse through them in a slideshow.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you around!


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